New 2017 Small Studio Bench Press

This small bench press is ideal for small studio spaces. Recommended bed widths 12 inch to 16 inches. If you pull small plates this is a real workhorse with the added feature of portability. It is a much more robust press than you will find commercially available at large art supply stores and you can build it for less!

  • CNC Cut File Sets For All Plans (Automated Building) read more...
  • Full Size Printable Templates For All Plans (Hand Building)
  • Internet Links for parts & materials if needed
  • Detailed Plans with lots of info and tips
  • And more......

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Medium Studio Press

Great for printing mid range plates. Size can be scaled up or down $35. a set

Complete Set 3 Plans

A Set of all three Etching Press Plans in the series $80. a set

Large Studio Press

Should handle anything you throw at it. Size can be scaled up or down $40. a set