New 2017 Medium Size Studio Press

A great all around press with flexible size adjustments so you can make it fit your studio space. Increase or decrease the bed size to suit your needs. The greatly reduced frame weight makes it easier to move around and the attached CNC cut files make it possible to have all the frame parts cut on a CNC cutting machine. You can mount this press on an existing sturdy bench or build a free standing steel frame bench. If you are not only hansom but handy as well you can use the full size printable templates to hand cut the press frame parts your self.

  • CNC Cut File Sets For All Plans (Automated Building) read more.....
  • Full Size Printable Templates For All Plans (Hand Building)
  • Internet Links for parts & materials if needed
  • Detailed Plans with lots of info and tips
  • And more......

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Small Studio Bench Press

Ideal if you have limited space or print small plates $25. a set

Complete Set 3 Plans

A Set of all three Etching Press Plans in the series $80. a set

Large Studio Press

Should handle anything you throw at it. Size can be scaled up or down $40. a set