Martin Sander Press (inspired by the plans see showcase)


This site is home to a project that began a few years ago.(The Whole Story) Its purpose is to provide information and plans to Intaglio printmakers wishing to build their own Etching Press. Here you will find info and plans for building your press. Check out the following links to get all the information about how you could have your very own Etching Press!


The plans provide all the details needed to build three different types of presses, with two different types of drives, a hand operated chain drive or a hand operated gear drive.The only work you will have to do, is build a bench for it and bolt the pieces together. A machine shop will fabricate a few of the parts for you the rest of the parts can be purchased from a Gear Supply Company. If you have any questions and I'm sure you will, I ask that you check the FAQ section before contacting me, the answer might be posted there as well as some answers to questions you might not have thought of. So enough talk feel free to explore the site and I hope to meet you on the road to Pressdom!



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