Send Me Some Pictures of that New Press You Built!

These are baby pictures that printmakers realy want to see :)

The showcase section of my sight is one of the most view section because it is truly inspiring to see what real printmakers like yourself can achieve with a little effort.


Some Tips On Sending Your Files.........


Do a brief or lengthly description (your choice) of your project in an email and attach the photos of your press (either individual photos or a compressed file containing all the photos & text description) to the email and send it along to this address. Note! be sure to include your full name so I can give credit where credit is due.




"Well, the project has been successfully completed. I decided to construct two presses, as another family member needed one also.

We now look forward to many printings with these robust units."



- Ric, Sydney, Australia.

"Thank you very much. It was many years ago that I got the plans from you and built the press, and I am impressed by your attention so far down the road. I really appreciate your help on this. And very much appreciate your plans to begin with. I would otherwise never been able to afford an intaglio press this size. Thank you".


- David Bichell